Man oh Man Ive had a rough week for sure but it appears Im doing beyond very good and my motivation has been awesome, This week Ive had to design my new house and garage witch the home now is only about 1800 sq ft Ive designed a big garage.

Ive designed a nice pool. Ive done a ton of cancer research even and seem to be getting ahead of that game too. I filed for divorce finally , Ive sued our HOA. Ive built two new websites and boy Im super excited Ive learned so much this week. Tomorrow I start the final construction on my home so I can list it for sale Monday and life is finally going good for me.

My X-wife of several months had my heart broken as well but Im slowly getting over it under the circumstances.Ive talked to hundreds of people this week and the succes is 99 percent from what they have all explained to me.

I think Im getting ready to beat cancer Ive had about a half dozen friends help me research the technology to kill it so over the next month Im going to get to test that as well, considering all the circumstances Ive been under the last two weeks Im beyond thankful for all my friends ,family,and of course my kids have been awesome,My good friend Mistys daughter has even checked on me daily which has been awesome of her as young as she is.

Ill keep new blogs coming with my life and trying to make everyones lives better and of course my number one thing is trying to beat my brain tumor, we shall see over the coming months.

Ill try to update cancer patients and friends over the coming months weekly and let you all know about my cancer and coverage wherever I decide to be in the world.

Over the next month Ill stay lazy but in 4 weeks I plan to swim a hour a day and I also plan to see Planet fitness about a hour a day, the new man Ill soon become is very exciting and Ive been super motivated but still have to stay lazy for about a month.

Ill keep everyone posted on here and let you all know about cancer.