I felt the need to discuss this with all my friends and lawyers because I know it has affected some of you, and I hope this helps give you closure as its been tough for me but I'm feeling the strength grow back into me. Please read and if Im wrong you are more than welcome to let me know.

I guess my thoughts are wrong and old school in life because if I knew my friends or wife were on Keppra the last thing Id even consider is divorce I feel like it really shows how a person cares for you…Just my thoughts as human. Look at the text change from keppra to no keppra.

This is Keppra the drug they put me on at day one and a very dangerous drug but because of my brain circumstances I had no choice due to seizures and discussed the side effects of being a dangerous drug. I went off this drug on 8/11/2023. 

The Very First Text on Day one after the first day of surgery. Fri July 28th.

The First Text after Surgery.

The very first surgerytext after MUSC

The day I got to come off Keppre notice all the blue from here and the niceness change ?

Totaly discussed divorce positive and said I ddint want it.

What she blamed on Garret and he didnt even know she had a GPS tracker installed on her car by a PI company we hired. Never did treat him or any of the sons like her own kids.

What my Pro and Con court expectations are being under cancer care.

What my minimum expectations are.

  1.  She can Move her bedroom suite and Kitchen table and have them.

  2. Give her 50% of house profit in a month or 6 month we might profit  $5000 or $10000 dollars but if she wants house. Id like her to help me pay monthly mortgage until it sells thats based off $700K.

  3. Id like to at least have Kaia and Bree back because they are my service animals and Bree needs trained like Kaia if she plans to keep dogs then waive mortgage.

  4. Stay on her health Insurance for 10 yrs. because its hard for me to locate insurance ,this is most important from this 4 page list as I am 100% disabled.

  5. Prohibited Marriage

    South Carolina prohibits several different types of marriages. Examples of marriages that are prohibited by law in the state are as follows:

    • If parties to the marriage are mentally incompetent, their marriage is considered legally invalid.

What my court expectations are after mediation.

  1. Alimony based on mediation and court.

  2. Insurance requirements forever.

  3. Both Dogs back

  4. No mortgage Percentage.

Why did she ever leave me.

  1. Because I do have brain tumor and she has been stressed about it and needs to move on with her life, I understand this.

  2. Because I spanked Bree the night I had to go in for emergency surgery and she came in there and cussed me out and I started crying immediately and a few minutes later I had to be rushed to er.

  3. She did ask me a month before we got married if Id have a reverse vasectomy and I said no so has she had and affair and possibly pregnant. ( I hope not as this will turn nto a court case )

  4. Because I was on Keppra for two weeks, no one much said it changed me but from me never seeing her in the hospital I was sad because she was the most important person to me.

What were some other main issues that could've stressed you in this divorce

She only came to see me for 10 min at hospital sat morning ,didnt show up at all friday and cussed me out sat morning and left and told me she was done with me. I was crying and did say I wanted a divorce and I was drugged.

Talked negative and deleted garret and mom on fb and then mad at garret because  she felt he gave me blood clot then negative to garret and mom about truck and first team with garret. I thought dog gave me blood clot and the reason I had second brain surgery but she needs major training.

Discussed how poor I am with my dad and garret and Brandon. I David Johnson is very poor.

You’ve ignored me almost since surgery as you can tell based on your attorney, I dont care what a Lawyer says Id never ignore my wife with a brain tumor,absolutly nuts to me.

You felt like Garret needed a new job and he runs a company almost perfect. 

I was planning too build your mom a special place to live but even her has been so rude and negative to me and never been mean was it because 2 weeks on Keppra or what ?

You bitched about him having my truck, why are you jealous ?

You took my marijuana. Why ? You know it helps my Brain cancer.

You bitching about Garret communicating with me To much? why he is my son and loves me more than I ever know and you didnt even hug him or say hi at Brandons after being a 13 yrs step mom to him ?

I’m assuming based on Brandon an summer comments you had to discuss something with them of course ?

You raised hell with me about sueing hoa and wanted me to wait til Friday and I even listened to you. Why did I need to wait ,you didnt want me to sue them and they stole money from Garrets company.

You raised hell with me when carl didn’t give me honest icast answers and I was upset and off course apologized to Carl and we can now laugh about it,because he has been  one of the sweetest friends I have.

Haven’t even communicated with me in a weeks to try and make things right on either side?

Your aunt was so rude posting on my fb page so I had to keep deleting her stuff so something was said to her and your mom also about me .

Your moms never been mean to me til now so what did I do or say , was it keppra that you thought made me mean because no one else said that and I dont know of course but I never felt mean.

Was your lawyer trying illegal shit with the images below or is this spam.

Did Shantelles Attorneys hire this girl or does she work for them ? We do have hackers going through her account currently and the PI images coming froma Android phone now.

Did Shantelles Attorneys hire this girl or does she work for them ? We do have hackers going through her account currently and the PI images coming from a Android phone now.